STILL NO HELP HAS ARRIVED,PLEASE READ THIS AND HELP US IF YOU Can! We have borrowed all we can, we really need your help!

Currently we are a family of two that need finacial help!  We wouldn't  even be asking however we both were injured at work and they are refusing to pay total temporary disability! And there fighting unemployment! We are about to loose our house to! Recently my husband, Martin, was diagnoised with Coronary Artery Disease, and has occurred medical bills that we are unable to pay.  He still to this day has "Attacks" that no one can seem to explain! They think it might be pulmunary but we don't have the money for those test either! Martin has been to 4 different hospitals! He takes Nitrogen for his heart, and has no way to afford any more, and he is almost out fortunately he hasn't had to take any recently, or he would be out!  He also has a pulmanary problem they haven't figured out yet! And has had 2 surgeries on his hands and needs another one! Our computer is down, so we have to use a public computer! And our car is barely running I am afraid I won't be able to get him to  the hospital if  he has another attack!

     We aren't not proud to be asking for help, but there is nothing else we can do at this point. If you could find it in your heart to help us out, it would be greatly appreciated, and not forgotten.  If you are able to help us out please e-mail us at  We will delete our sight if we happen to reach our goal again thank you! Unlike most, this is no Lie, it is simply true! Prior to reaching out to you, we have sold our beautiful furniture, our washer and dryer, even our tv. and microwave we have tried everything, now all we have to rely on is you! We do hope people trying to scam people with fake checks stops, and would like to thank those who are honest and care about helping others when they can! We wouldn't be revealing our personal information if our need wasn't real, we already tried everything else there is to try! Your our only HOPE!  We  we also need fuel oil,medications, we've lost our coverage,house bills and more!  You can send your donation directly to Marty andCynthia sweeney 27337 610th st. palmer IA. 50571

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